Pre-Conference Bootcamp Day

Tuesday, September 13

9:00 am Welcome Coffee & Registration

9:45 am Roundtable: Introduction to the Microbiome Skin Health & Dermatology Landscape Catch Up


There is a revolution happening in the way skin treatments, both cosmetic and therapeutic, are being addressed. As scientific research is capitalizing on new technologies, this is leading to further progress in the analysis of the skin microbiome, a new generation of therapeutic and cosmetic products that have the potential to treat disease and improve skin health is emerging. This mornings interactive session will delve deeper into the recent scientific advancements and technological developments that have accelerated the space, which has led to the skin microbiome being the only application with sustained consistent investment growth.

10:15 am Deep Dive Workshop: The Challenges of the Skin Microbiome

Deciphering the Way Forward for Dosing

Workshop Leader: Todd Kruegar, Founder & CEO, AOBiome

Formation & Delivery: Skin Delivery Systems and Microbiome Health – The Propolis Case

  • Innovative delivery systems may enhance the performance of natural products
  • Controlled release technologies that protect natural microflora and fight pathogenic microorganisms
  • Propolis as an antimicrobial and antiaging agent in various novel formulations

Workshop Leader: Konstantinos Gardikis, R&D Director, Apivita

The Microbiome & Toxicology: An Experienced Case Study

Workshop Leader: Erwan Peltier, Medical Manager Dermatology, Bayer

Testing Skin Models: Bacteriocin-producing Strains

  • With the Potential to Improve Skin Health
  • Probiotic Potential of Skin Microbiota
  • Novel Antimicrobial Peptides That Target Skin Pathogens
  • Challenge Tests on Skin Models

Workshop Leader: Julie O’Sullivan, Postdoctoral Researcher, APC Microbiome Ireland

12:15 pm Lunch & Collaborative Networking Opportunities

1:15 pm Panel: Maximizing the Long Term Stability of the Skin Microbiome

2:00 pm Deep Dive Workshop: The use of Multi-omics and Analytics

Part 1: Using Multiomics to Discipher the Role of Skin Microbiome on Skin Health

  • Infant skin maturation and skin microbiome
  • The discovery of three distinct Metabolite-Microbe clusters
  • Implications on Skin Barrier function

Workshop Leader: Georgios Stamatas, PhD,  Research Associate Director & Fellow, Translational Science Johnson & Johnson Santé Beauté

Part Two: Talk Details to be Announced

Workshop Leader: Mireille Vega, Business Development & Scientific Affairs, VGAM Biosciences, Inc.

3:00 pm Roundtable: Future Insights into Where This Accelerating Field Could Go


  • The ability of sophisticated analytical methods with skin microbiome
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • The development of 3D skin models
  • Transplantation of skin microbiota

4:00 pm Close of Pre-Conference Bootcamp Day