Commercialization & Marketing Focus Day

Tuesday, December 8


9:30 am Registration & Morning Coffee

9:55 am Welcome & Introduction

10:00 am Harnessing Informed Science to Lever Your Product

  • Kara Bortone Senior Director, Sourcing & Portfolio Management, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABs

10:30 am Positioning the Microbiome to Consumers

11:00 am Speed Networking

11:30 am Informing the Consumer of the Positives of Using Bacteria on the Skin

12:00 pm Communicating That Bacteria Is Not a Dirty Word – How to Market the Microbiome to Consumers

12:30 pm Networking Lunch

1:30 pm Building a Breakthrough Microbiome Brand


Discussing brand voice/ and feel
• Educating and owning media
• Leveraging advertising and platform choice

2:00 pm Actionable Business Insights from the Analytics of the Microbiome


• Monitor publications in the area to understand the market demand and your
target market
• Examine microbiome research grant activity to quantify the research
opportunity and segment potential customers
• Investigate clinical trials to understand the impact on human health and
startup funding activity to unravel investor enthusiasm

2:30 pm Panel Discussion: Building a Brand Around the Consumer & Expanding Your Target Population


  • What groups of consumers are most receptive to skin microbiome products?
  • How to identify new demographics to target and how does the marketing
    need to alter?

3:15 pm Closing Remarks: Focus Day

3:20 pm End of Pre-Conference Focus Day