Conference Day Two

Thursday 14th September 2023

7:30 am
Morning Registration & Networking

8:20 am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

  • Se Jin Song CMI Director of Research Programs, UC San Diego Health Sciences

Analysing Boundaries Between Cosmetics & Therapeutics: A Holistic Approach

8:30 am A Year in Review: Exploring the Current Challenges & Opportunities in Skin Microbiome Research & Product Development

  • Jason Harcup Head of Skin Care R&D and Head of Prestige Division R&D, Unilever Global Personal Care


  • Outlining novel understandings of the skin microbiome
  • Revealing product development updates
  • Exploring future potential for product development targeting the skin microbiome 

9:00 am Micrococcus luteus BLIS Q24™ – Development of a Novel Skin Probiotic Strain & Formulation

  • John Hale Chief Technology Officer, BLIS Technologies


  • Characterising a new probiotic strain for skin health applications
  • Formulating BLIS Q24™ into an appropriate topical delivery system
  • The emerging evidence base supporting BLIS Q24™

9:10 am Translating Ancestral Skin Microbiome Research into Synergistic Skincare Products

  • Julia Durack Vice President of Research & Product Development, Symbiome


  • Exploring the ways our modern lifestyle influences the skin’s microbiome
  • Uncovering an evolutionary biology perspective of the skin microbiome
  • Translating ancestral microbiome research into skincare products

9:40 am Developing Personalized Microbiome-Targeting Skincare Solutions


  • Exploring how skin microbiome testing informs personalization at Parallel
  • Outlining Phages and their role in personalized skincare
  • Looking at the future of personalization based on data, ML, and AI

10:10 am
Morning Break & Networking

Advancing Skin Microbiome Tools & Technologies to Expand Our Understanding on the Effect of Microbiome-Targeting Products

10:45 am Discovery of an S. aureus-pacifying Microbial Ensemble via Massively Parallel Measurement of 6 Million Microbial Interactions

  • Jared Kehe Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Concerto Biociences


  • With its groundbreaking discovery platform, kChip, which produces and measures half a million defined microbial combinations each day, Concerto identifies microbes most likely to work together as disease treatments
  • Using kChip to measure >6 million combinations of skin microbes and discover a beneficial microbial community, “Ensemble No.2”
  • We subsequently showed that Ensemble No.2 suppresses S. aureus growth and virulence on a preclinical skin model. We’re now developing Ensemble No.2 as a topical treatment for S. aureus-driven conditions such as atopic dermatitis

11:15 am Utilizing Microbiome Engineering Tools to Treat Skin Diseases


  • Outlining how genetic and microbial engineering are key to enhancing microbial function on the skin
  • Using such tool to enhance safety, efficacy, or functionality in designing live biotherapeutic products
  • Outlining these tools in the context of skin diseases

11:45 am Roundtables: Advancing Cosmetic & Therapeutic Development Through Novel Research Methodologies & Techniques

  • Daniel Brownell Senior Director, Research & Development, AOBiome
  • Jared Kehe Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Concerto Biociences


  • Discussing what is holding the skin microbiome industry back, from sample collection to formulation and delivery
  • Uncovering what technological investments need to be made by the industry to propel the field fowards

12:15 pm
Lunch Break & Networking

Navigating the Evolving Regulatory & Investment Landscape

1:15 pm Outlining Cosmetic & Therapeutic Patent IP Strategy

  • Matt Bresnahan Partner & Patent Attorney, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati


  • Developing life cycle management strategy for key company innovations
  • Obtaining issued composition of matter IP quickly and in a cost effective matter
  • Implementing an effective Freedom to Operate strategy to support business decision making, investments, and collaborations

1:45 pm Navigating Cosmetic Claims Substantiation: A Case Study

  • Nicole Scott Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, Cybele Microbiome


  • Uncovering some of the challenges incurred during the claims process at Cybele Microbiome
  • Exploring the steps the field need to take to streamline the process
  • Encouraging greater industry credibility through a thorough substantiation process

2:15 pm Panel Discussion: Attracting More Investment for Microbiome-Based Skin Solutions


  • Analysing investment trends, therapeutic vs cosmetic
  • Reviewing the current therapeutic landscape
  • Exploring the start-up landscape

2:45 pm Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

  • Se Jin Song CMI Director of Research Programs, UC San Diego Health Sciences

2:50 pm
End of Conference