Day One | Wednesday, August 4 | All Times Shown Are EDT

8:55 am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

  • Larry Weiss Chief Science & Product Officer , Symbiome

Understanding the Skin Microbiome & its Potential in Improving Skin Health

9:00 am The Skin Microbiome in Relation to the Clothing Microbiome


  • There is a selective enrichment of bacteria on textiles, which is different for every textile type
  • Antimicrobial treated clothes can cause surprising effects on the skin microbiome. Laundering the clothes does not remove the microbes and causes a microbial exchange among clothes
  • Probiotic clothes can form an alternative solution

9:30 am Influence of FLG Loss-Of-Function Mutations in Host-Microbe Interactions During Atopic Skin Inflammation


  • Skin barrier dysfunction, Th-2 associated inflammation and bacterial dysbiosis are well-know characteristics of atopic dermatitis (AD)
  • Lesional skin of wildtype AD demonstrated significantly increased transcriptomic dysregulation when compared to mutated AD, however, S. aureus dominated the microbiome in both wildtype and mutated AD patients
  • The integrative approach provides molecular insights for the concept that FLG loss-of-function mutations are a genetic shortcut to AD and unravels the complexity between genotype, transcriptome and microbiome

10:00 am Networking


Re-creating face-to-face networking in the virtual world, here you will connect with a peer for a five-minute conversation before moving on and connecting with another microbiome enthusiast in this high-pace format.

Harnessing In Vivo & Ex Vivo Skin Models for Development

11:00 am Developing In Vitro Models for Skin Microbiome Studies

  • Andrea Timm Senior Research Scientist , John Hopkins University - Applied Physics Lab


  • Developing In Vitro Models for Skin Microbiome Studies
  • Reliable in vitro models are a useful tool to study microbiome systems
  • We have curated a large collection of bacterial and fungal isolates from healthy human skin
  • We’ve developed methods to study the effect of individual isolates and communities of isolates on skin equivalents

11:30 am Networking Lunch


Use this break in proceedings to grab some food and re-charge your batteries before the afternoon session begins

1:00 pm Panel Discussion – What Challenges & Opportunities Do Global Cosmetic Companies See Within the Skin Microbiome Space?

  • Jason Harcup Global VP Skin Care R&D & Global VP Prestige Division R&D, Unilever
  • Jay Tiesman Genomics Group Leader , Procter & Gamble


  • Where is the science currently?
  • What challenges do you currently see within this space?
  • What areas of future innovation are you hoping to see?
  • What does the industry need to do to accelerate microbiome skincare products?

Assessing the Regulatory Considerations of Working Within the Skin Microbiome Space

1:45 pm Defining the Landscape for Cosmetic Skin Microbiome Products

  • Linda Katz Director , FDA, Office of Cosmetics & Colors

2:15 pm Afternoon Coffee Break

Advancing Clinical Development of Live Biotherapeutics

3:15 pm L. reuteri-expressing CXCL12 1a, Developed as a New-In-Class API with Lead Program in Clinical Phase II


  • Discussing WHILYAS-1: A first in-human study evaluating safety, tolerability and exposure of single and multiple ascending doses of L.reuteri expressing CXCL12 (ILP100) administer topically to experimentally induced skin wounds
  • Exploring WHILYAS-2 and 3: A phase IIb study evaluating safety, tolerability and efficacy on wound healing of two doses of L. reuteri expressing CXCL12 (ILP100) administered topically onto surgical wounds, as well as an exploratory Phase 2a trial on subjects with diabetic foot ulcers

3:45 pm Developing Beneficial Bacteria as Topical Therapeutics to Treat Skin Diseases


  • Ground-breaking technology platform to discover beneficial natural bacterial strains to treat targeted skin diseases
  • Broad pipeline of topical live biotherapeutics
  • MSB-0221, most advanced compound, moving into Phase II

4:15 pm End of Day One