Understanding the Skin Microbiome & Preclinical Design

8:00 am Welcome Coffee & Registration

8:50 am Opening Remarks: An Exciting Forward Perspective Into The Skin Microbiome Field

9:00 am Efficacy & Safety of B244: A Live Topical Biotherapeutic, in Patients with Mild to Moderate Atopic Dermatitis & Associated Pruritus

  • Hyun Kim VP Clinical Operations, AOBiome Therapeutics


  • Introducing B244, an ammonia oxidizing bacteria, as a topical spray investigational product
  • Efficacy of B244 in itch relief and lesion control from a 547 patient Phase 2b study in mild to moderate atopic dermatitis
  • Safety profile of B244

9:30 am Skin Virome Role in Maintaining Skin Health

  • Shawn Demehri Associate Professor, Department of Dermatology and Cancer Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School


  • Several commensal viruses colonize the human skin
  • Immune control of commensal human papillomaviruses protects against skin cancer
  • There is a vast opportunity to improve skin health by understanding the functions of skin virome

10:00 am Specialized Skin Microbiome Solutions for Therapeutic and Cosmetic Development

  • Jean M Macklaim PhD Senior Bioinformatics Scientist, Scientific Development and Innovation, Diversigen


  • Applying skin microbiome sequence data to therapeutic and cosmetic development can be challenging due to the extremely low abundance of microorganisms present on the skin
  • Using effective microbial DNA collection and extraction as well as tailored bioinformatics can improve interpretability and quality of resulting skin microbiome profiles
  • Diversigen’s validated Skin Microbiome Service, addresses these issues by providing accurate and sensitive species-level identification of skin bacteria to facilitate microbiome studies in therapeutic and cosmetic development

10:30 am Speed Networking

Novel Indications Surrounding the Skin Microbiome

11:15 am Panel Discussion: Educating Consumers Around the Microbiome & Skincare


  • The primary aim of this talk is to discuss how to educate consumers on the microbiome, what Beekman 1802 and Alex have learned in their own challenges as a brand and journalist respectively, what has been successful, and best strategies to move forward in the future.
  • Seals, testing, and data are such a big part of education in the beauty industry—we hear time and again that people look to them when shopping. Editors, too, look for them when looking for products to promote. How do we address the challenges of testing for the microbiome
  • The industry is starting to get a better picture of how to talk about the microbiome with a broader audience, but what’s the future of microbiome storytelling and education? What areas are worth exploring as the body of research grows?


11:45 am Showcasing Clinical Data From Acne Studies


  • The role of biofilms in the pathogenesis of various skin conditions
  • Acne, atopic dermatitis, dermal filler’s side effects, malodorous sweating a possible target for biofilm-oriented topical treatments
  • Use of anti-autoinducers substances in the microbiome friendly

12:15 pm Lunch & Networking

Clinical Progress of Skin Microbiome Therapeutics

1:45 pm Precise Microbiome Editing: Using Bacteriophages to Treat Chronic Bacterial Diseases


  • Many chronic diseases have microbial etiology, yet are poorly understood, and are poorly served by harsh and ineffective options
  • Advances in microbiome research have elucidated the mechanisms of these diseases, yet we don’t have the tools to combat them
  • Phi Therapeutics is advancing precise microbiome editing with bacteriophages as a unique therapeutic option that also provides essential clinical insights into causality and disease progression

2:15 pm DuoDERM – Protect, Mix & Deliver your lyo-LBP’s


  • Traditional pharmaceutical packaging evolves to ensure consumer ease of use..
  • Protect, Mix & Deliver your Lyophilised LBP’s.
  • Novel variations to suit your innovative topical therapeutics.
  • Sustainability at its’ core; Glass, aluminium, lasers and space…

2:25 pm From Dysbiosis to Healthy Skin: Major Contributions of Cutibacterium Acnes to Skin Homeostasis

  • Pascal Yvon SVP Commercial Strategy & Sales, S-Biomedic


  • Cutibacterium acnes in the skin Microbiome
  • Cutibacterium live strains as skin probiotics, including all the challenges to develop live bacteria probiotics and results from clinical studies
  • Cutibacterium ferments as skin postbiotics, including latest discovery on anti-oxidant capacity of skin commensal proteins

2:55 pm Tips for Designing a Skin Microbiome Trial and Utilizing the Results


  • Outlining best approaches to designing a clinical trial in the skin microbiome space
  • Interpretation of data and what to do with it

3:05 pm Afternoon Break

Translating Into Product Development

3:35 pm Micrococcus luteus BLIS Q24™ – Development of a Novel Skin Probiotic Strain & Formulation


  • Characterising a new probiotic strain for skin health applications
  • Formulating BLIS Q24™ into an appropriate topical delivery system
  • The emerging evidence base supporting BLIS Q24™

4:05 pm How to Study From Home the Skin Microbiome for Research & Product Innovation


  • A new scientific platform focusing on collecting skin microbiome data from home to improve women’s health
  • Using skin microbiome data for product innovation and research
  • How to personalize regimen & provide skin health recommendations based on skin microbiome profiles

4:35 pm Advances in Microbiome-Derived Solutions and Methodologies are Founding a New Era in Skin Health & Care

  • Ahmad Khodr (Ph.D.) Head of the Microbiology Innovation Lab. and Microbiome projects Leader, L’Oréal R&I


  • Advances in Microbiome discoveries in skin health and disease
  • Best translation strategy of Microbiome based concepts considering regulatory, safety and industrial challenges
  • Example of a Microbiome based concept success story

5:05 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:15 pm Close of Day One