Understanding the Skin Microbiome & Preclinical Design

9:00 am Opening Remarks: An Exciting Forward Perspective Into The Skin Microbiome Field

9:15 am Efficacy & Safety of B244: A Live Topical Biotherapeutic, in Patients with Mild to Moderate Atopic Dermatitis & Associated Pruritus

  • Hyun Kim VP Clinical Operations, AOBiome Therapeutics


  • Introducing B244, an ammonia oxidizing bacteria, as a topical spray investigational product
  • Efficacy of B244 in itch relief and lesion control from a 547 patient Phase 2b study in mild to moderate atopic dermatitis
  • Safety profile of B244

9:45 am Educating Consumers Around the Microbiome & Skincare


  • Discuss challenges of consumer facing content around microbiome
  • Share best practices and Key Learnings
  • Beekman 1802 Case Study

10:15 am Morning Break & Structured Networking

Novel Indications Surrounding the Skin Microbiome

11:00 am Atopic Dermatitis: A Deep Dive into Positive Progress of the Frontier, a Novel Topical Phage-based Treatment for Atopic Dermatitis


  • Rationale for BX005, phage treatment targeting S. Aureus
  • BX005 characteristics and pre-clinical results
  • BX005 clinical study

11:30 am Skin Microbiome in Health & Disease


  • Identification of skin commensals
  • Microbiome in health and disease
  • Perspectives in probiotic treatments

12:00 pm Showcasing Clinical Data From Acne Studies


  • The role of biofilms in the pathogenesis of various skin conditions
  • Acne, atopic dermatitis, dermal filler’s side effects, malodorous sweating a possible target for biofilm-oriented topical treatments
  • Use of anti-autoinducers substances in the microbiome friendly

12:30 pm Lunch & Networking

Clinical Progress of Skin Microbiome Therapeutics

1:30 pm Precise Microbiome Editing: Using Bacteriophages to Treat Chronic Bacterial Diseases


  • Many chronic diseases have microbial etiology, yet are poorly understood, and are poorly served by harsh and ineffective options
  • Advances in microbiome research have elucidated the mechanisms of these diseases, yet we don’t have the tools to combat them
  • Phi Therapeutics is advancing precise microbiome editing with bacteriophages as a unique therapeutic option that also provides essential clinical insights into causality and disease progression

2:00 pm Simplifying the Maze: Solutions From Therapeutics Inc.

2:30 pm From Dysbiosis to Healthy Skin: Major Contributions of Cutibacterium Acnes to Skin Homeostasis


  • Cutibacterium acnes in the skin Microbiome
  • Cutibacterium live strains as skin probiotics, including all the challenges to develop live bacteria probiotics and results from clinical studies
  • Cutibacterium ferments as skin postbiotics, including latest discovery on anti-oxidant capacity of skin commensal proteins

3:00 pm Skin Virome Role in Maintaining Skin Health

  • Shaun Demehri Associate Professor, Department of Dermatology and Cancer Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School


  • Several commensal viruses colonize the human skin
  • Immune control of commensal human papillomaviruses protects against skin cancer
  • There is a vast opportunity to improve skin health by understanding the functions of skin virome

3:30 pm Tips for Designing a Skin Microbiome Trial and Utilizing the Results


  • Outlining best approaches to designing a clinical trial in the skin microbiome space
  • Interpretation of data and what to do with it

3:40 pm Afternoon Break

Translating Into Product Development

4:10 pm How to Study From Home the Skin Microbiome for Research & Product Innovation


  • A new scientific platform focusing on collecting skin microbiome data from home to improve women’s health
  • Using skin microbiome data for product innovation and research
  • How to personalize regimen & provide skin health recommendations based on skin microbiome profiles

4:40 pm From Research to Product: Microbiome Advancements at L’Oréal R&I

  • Ahmad Khodr (Ph.D.) Head of the Microbiology Innovation Lab. and Microbiome projects Leader, L’Oréal R&I


  • Advances in Microbiome discoveries in skin health and disease
  • Best translation strategy of Microbiome based concepts considering regulatory, safety and industrial challenges
  • Example of a Microbiome based concept success story

5:10 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks and End of Conference Day 1