Panel Discussion: Educating Consumers Around the Microbiome & Skincare

Time: 11:15 am
day: Day One


  • The primary aim of this talk is to discuss how to educate consumers on the microbiome, what Beekman 1802 and Alex have learned in their own challenges as a brand and journalist respectively, what has been successful, and best strategies to move forward in the future.
  • Seals, testing, and data are such a big part of education in the beauty industry—we hear time and again that people look to them when shopping. Editors, too, look for them when looking for products to promote. How do we address the challenges of testing for the microbiome
  • The industry is starting to get a better picture of how to talk about the microbiome with a broader audience, but what’s the future of microbiome storytelling and education? What areas are worth exploring as the body of research grows?