September, 2019

The Microbiome Movement – Skin Health & Dermatology Summit returns to help an emerging industry standardize basic research and get to grips with a multitude of translational challenges.

As researchers continue to unravel the complexities of the skin microbiome, our mission for this event was simple: Build a collaborative forum that unites academic and commercial researchers, to lay the framework around the scientific and commercial barriers involved in developing and commercializing breakthrough skin health solutions, based on modulation of the skin microbiome.

Driven by cutting-edge case studies and interactive panel discussions from academia and biopharma, The Microbiome Movement – Skin Health & Dermatology Summit will navigate through a carefully-constructed agenda to help you identify the underlying biology of host-microbiome interactions, with the aim of creating safe and scientifically-validated skin products of the future.

So whether you have already started your journey into the skin microbiome or are interested to see where the future of skin health may lie, tap into a unique network of peers who continue to set a precedent and solve some of the greatest challenges when harnessing the skin microbiome. Register your interest for 2019 here.